About the Foundation


To provide comfort, care, and choices to people with life changing illnesses and support for their loved ones.



Build a community of care for those in need. Focus on filling the gaps of insurance coverage to provide support for the well-being of the individual, family, and caregivers. Continue to learn and apply personal centered care and assistance. Respectfully engage and challenge others to expand the culture of care and excellence.



Working together

  • Collaborate with colleagues, volunteers, community members, support systems, and health care providers

  • Be responsive, innovative and improve quality of life through support

  • Align actions toward shared visions with the individual, family, and caregiver



  • Always do what is best for the individual

  • Empathetic and present in the moment

  • Listen and be engaged



  • Be fair and honest with patients, families and support systems

  • Strive for excellence

  • Respect the time and values of others

Contact Us

Kororo Healing Foundation Inc.

PO Box 3524

Saratoga Springs, NY 12866


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